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Using Instagram To Showcase A Great Wedding

Posted by admin 25/04/2017 0 Comment(s) Branding,

So you are having your wedding and things are perfect! The only thing now is to show the world how amazing the experience will be! That means you need to plan the wedding, but even more importantly, you need to take amazing photos to remember the wedding. You are wanting to find the perfect way to express this magic over Instagram. We can help! The following are a few tips on how to make your special time look great!


1.Pick your perfect hashtag


You want your post to reach as many of your friends, family and relatives as possible. You even want the photos to be so great that random people notice! This means you will need to find a popular or trending tag that fits the occasion. Consider going on sites that show recent or trending hashtags as well as ones that draw some attention. Sometimes, hashtags you create just don’t have as much impact or get what you’re wanting to get done, done.


2. Locate your best photographer


Before you even start posting on social media, you want to make sure your photos are going to be worth looking at in the first place. That doesn’t mean just winging it. This will take the art of a great photographer who knows the ins and outs of taking great photos. Luckily, there are plenty of great photographers in your area who are willing to do this. While selfies and personal pictures can be great, and you might use these as well, take the time to look up on Google or in your phone book a great local photographer.


3. Remind others to share the hashtag


More views is what you want! So you can’t do it alone. Whether they post a single photo or a hundred, make sure that anyone who attends your wonderful bash remembers to put your hashtag on the photo. More than likely they will be happy to do this so that your special moment gets out for the world to see! Having everyone hashtag and share the photo(s) will not only make the photo easier to find, it will also look great that you have so many supporters! The more the merrier!


4. Purchase cheap likes


If you are really wanting to kick your photos off in the right way and gain some popularity, but you can’t seem to have enough attention, consider purchasing some likes! is a great site you can use to do this. Not only can you purchase likes for your great Instagram wedding, you can also purchase them for other social media platforms as well! Then you are guaranteed some attention! Purchasing likes make others take notice because more likes makes the photo more likely to pop up in a search or in general. Those photos that nobody noticed stay unnoticed!


These are the steps you can take to make your Instagram wedding great! We wish you all the best in your married life! 

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