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How to automate your Instagram Growth easily with daily and weekly Followers

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It can oftentimes be challenging to grow an Instagram Account without spending a lot of money on expensive advertisement campaigns. We have now made it easy for anyone with a limited budget to gain new Followers with the click of a button.         We call this service Daily / Weekly Instagram Followers and in this article you will learn how to use this service effectively.



       1. Decide what your Follower target is


How many Followers do you want on your Profile? Perhaps you run an online page about your Hobby or Craft, your Passion or Talent or about your new start up or online store. How many Followers do you think you will need to attract attention from your target audience? A good rule of thumb is to start with about 5.000 Followers for niche target groups. Some more Followers are required if you are competing in a competitive environment such as an online store with many competitors. Many of our customers have between 10.000 and 100.000 Followers on their profile.



      2. Decide in which timeframe you want to achieve your target


Do you need to move fast and attract much attention in a short period of time? Or do you want to grow your Instagram Profile over time, slowly and steadily?



       3. Consider your Instagram growth strategy 


At the start of your Instagram promotion strategy you might want to take things slower to speed them up later in time. Organic Instagram growth can be archieved best when many Instagram Users are engaged with your content and you will need to spend time to build up relationships with your Followers. Listen to their Feedback and try to incorporate this into your Future posts.



By now you should have a clear image on what you want to archieve on Instagram and what your growth targets for your Instagram Profile are. We offer Daily and Weekly Packages for Instagram Followers to help you automate your strategy.


50 Daily Followers


This is a great package for everyone who wants to grow their Instagram Account consistently and without making it look like any Followers were purchased. It is a great starting package for anyone who is thinking of upgrading in the future or trying out our service.

50 Followers a Day costs only $2.99 and is charged every 24 hours until cancelled.


50 Followers every 2 days


The ideal Package for everyone who is in no rush to gain a massive amount of Followers quickly but wants to steadily increase and build the Following up. This package is for the cautious and we recommend to try this package and move on to a higher amount of Followers as soon as you are comfortable with this. 50 Followers every 2 days costs $2.99 in the first week and $4.99 afterwards and is charged once a week until cancelled.


100 Followers daily


For our customers who want to boost their Instagram presence quickly and don’t want to waste any time. 100 Instagram Followers a day is the ideal option for small businesses and rising stars! For a small Fee of only $2.99 the first day and $3.99 a day afterwards until cancelled, this package is one of the cheapest ways to grow an Instagram Page and attract new customers and fans quickly. Imagine 700 new Followers every week or up to 3.100 a month with only one click on our website!


250 Followers a week


One large delivery of Followers a week to grow your Instagram Profile! This package is for a medium growth strategy with a medium time frame. You will receive 1.000 Followers every month with this package. $2.99 the first week, $4.99 afterwards every week until cancelled.






Are these Followers Real?


Yes, all our Instagram Followers are 100% Real and we Guarantee this with our 30 Day Money Back Warranty.



Why is the price cheaper during the first day / week?


We want to give all our customers the opportunity to try out the package at a discounted price in the first day / week.


Can I cancel the service?


You can cancel the packages at any time directly in your Profile on

If you need help with cancelling or have any questions you can contact us via our Live Chat function or email at support @ followersforme . com (remove spaces)


None of the packages suit my strategy!


Please contact us and we will set up a package that suits your needs

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